(On)opgemerkte helden in Nkhoma

“For the nurse/clinician who is doing his/her ‘wonderful job’, there needs to be a functioning water and electricity supply and adequate supply of medication. Behind the scenes of every hospital is a maintenance team who – unseen – render a very important service and a pharmacy team making sure medicine is available at all times, not often recognized,” says Dr Reynier Ter Haar, medical director of Nkhoma Hospital, Malawi.

Dr Ter Haar needs every bit of help to support him as he explains: “When a patient attends the hospital, he or she will mostly interact with the nurses and clinicians. If the interaction went well, they will go home and thank the people they interacted with and tell them how wonderful they are.

“In the background of the Nkhoma Hospital operations we have Piet and Estelle du Plessis doing a fantastic job! They worked at Nkhoma for a year and a half, in Mozambique for seven years, went back to South Africa and then made the ‘mistake’ of passing by Nkhoma on one of their tours into Africa five years ago.

“They have been in Nkhoma working in different capacities,” says Dr Ter Haar, “Piet initially in the renovation of wards and then lately in constructing new staff houses. His artistic touch with no compromise on quality is evident in the completed buildings. Estelle initially worked in the surgical ward, then in the operating theatre and lately in the pharmacy. Wherever she goes, her long experience transforms the place into a well functioning unit. “If you visit Nkhoma, you will have to look for this couple because they do not blow their own trumpet, but I wish somebody would do that. “I think what they want to say is our lives and talents are in God’s hands and we are available wherever needed, to Him be the Glory!”


Korte samenvatting in het Nederlands:

Volgens dr. Reynier ter Haar doen Piet en Estelle op de achtergrond fantastisch werk in het Nkhoma Hospital. Piet is begonnen met het renoveren van verschillende afdelingen van het ziekenhuis en later is hij aan de slag gegaan met het bouwen van personeelswoningen. Zijn vakkundigheid is duidelijk zichtbaar in de al afgeronde personeelswoningen. Estelle is begonnen op de chirurgische afdeling, later werkte zij in de operatiekamer en nu in de apotheek. Met haar jarenlange ervaring verandert Estelle elke plek waar zij komt in een goed functionerende afdeling. Piet en Estelle zetten zichzelf niet in het middelpunt, maar doen hun prachtige werk op de achtergrond. Dr. Ter Haar denkt dat Piet en Estelle zouden zeggen dat hun leven en talenten in Gods handen liggen en dat ze beschikbaar zijn waar Hij hen nodig heeft, alle eer aan God!

Piet en Estelle

Piet en Estelle

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